Tom Castle




Welcome to my online portfolio, created for two reasons: to learn web design and to show work that I have designed. Shown here is an assortment of professional projects, academic creations and personal procrastinations.

I am a graphic designer currently working in London working on a wide variety of projects; from stamps for the Royal Mail, cast iron plaques following the route of a hidden river and wayfinding design for the most expensive building in the world (at the time). My main area of interest is Branding, but also have developing fascination in type revival.

After graduating from the University of Reading I found a job at Bucks Student’s Union as their communications coordinator. While there working on projects such as their rebrand and a brand update of the student newspaper. Realising that branding was the route I wished to follow, and looking for the next challenge I enrolled to do my Masters in Graphic Branding & Identity at University Arts London. The course focused heavily on research methodologies in order to help answer our major project question; mine being How can the Overview Effect represent a new age for Spirituality?. This project earned me a distinction. I now work at a small studio based in South London, Atelier Works. The work we do there is diverse, interesting and at times, very rewarding.


Photoshop - Fluent
Illustrator - Fluent
InDesign - Fluent
Premiere - Competent
After Effects - Competent
3DS Max - Learning
HTML / CSS - Learning


Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Visual Research
Creative Troubleshooting
Project Management
Campaign Management