Tom Castle




Glownet - User Journeys


Glownet, an events technology company were having difficulties clearly explaining how their product fitted in... read more

Science Gallery London


King's College London were in the process of refurbishing one of their buildings at Guy's Campus to be used as... read more

Bush House


King's College London recently acquired Bush House; built between 1925-35: once dubbed the most expensive... read more

Ukuladies and Gents

Logo Design

The newly-formed Ukulele group, The Ukuladies and Gents, were looking to get matching group t-shirt made... read more


Exhibition Identity

The first King's Transnational Law Summit (KTLS) took place in April 2018 at the newly more


Brand Identity

A Devon based client started making acoustic guitars and ukuleles for friends and family. However, in a very short space of time... read more

Create a Story

Book Design

Create a Story is a interactive work book aimed at children between the ages of 7 and 11. The books set out to help kids develop their... read more


Type Design

Once a basic character set was made, I expanded the project to include two other cuts that are designed to be used as decorative... read more

River Fleet

Environmental Graphics

After the success of the River Effra floor plaques being installed throughout the London borough of Lambeth; north of the River... read more

Type Face

Self Portrait

Having noticed that my moustache bears a reasonable resemblance to a curly bracket... read more

Machin 50

Stamp Design

In June on 1967, an icon was born. Measuring just a couple of centimetres high, this image has been printed more than 220 billion times... read more

Pet Portraits


My girlfriend was moving into to her first house and had vowed to only put up paintings, pictures or wall art that were originals... read more

Glynn Vivian Gallery

Type Restoration

I was asked to look at reviving a set of hand-lettering for the newly refurbished Glynn Vivian art gallery in the heart of Swansea... read more


Type Restoration

Lambeth Council came to Atelier to look at replacing a number of ageing street signs in the SE27 area. However, we quickly discovered... read more

Royal Mail Year Book

Editorial Design

My first job at Atelier Works was the annual, Royal Mail Yearbook for 2016; a 64 page, limited run high-end book showcasing... read more

River Effra Plaques

Environmental Graphics

Unbeknown to probably the vast majority of south Londoners, there was, many decades ago, a substantial river that meandered... read more

MA Degree Show

Exhibition Design

After a very intense 10 months of the MA Branding course there was one thing left to do - the final exhibition. I volunteered... read more

MA Final Project


The ethos of the MA Branding course is focused around designing through insight. By this I mean that what we as designers... read more


Research Methods

The first assignment during my masters studies was to research the triangle. This three sided, three angled shape became... read more

Bucks Marketing


After a less than average year on student recruitment, Bucks New University wanted to reposition their baseline marketing... read more

Juliet's Vintage Teas


Juliet's Vintage Teas is a startup events company specialising in authentic tea parties for hen-dos, baby showers or birthdays... read more

Bucks Prospectus Cover

Graphic Design

Bucks New University felt that their Prospectus did not match stand out against the competitive set and that the current... read more

Dressing the Screen

Visual Identity

The core branding brief for the D&AD New Blood 2014 was set out by the British Council. The task was to create... read more


Visual Identity

Once a year, a wide selection of sports teams from Bucks New University and Roehampton University do battle in what is... read more

The Bucks Student


In December 2013, the Bucks Student, the student led paper at Bucks New University, had reached a low point in terms... read more

# More Than A Bar

Visual Identity

A common issue that plagues Students' Unions across the country is that their members think that they are just a bar... read more

Bucks Students' Union

Visual Identity

During the summer of 2013, Bucks Students' Union (the organisation I was working for) underwent an upheaval of... read more