University of Bristol: Recruitment


Having designed the University of Bristol's undergraduate recruitment campaign for a few years, Peloton were ask again to look at the 20/21 cycle with a new perspective, while still having the scope to use assets created in the previous couple of years to maintain a visual consistency.

The approach focused on a photography heavy concept with a strong lifestyle aesthetic of the students punctuated with lighting effects such as lens flare, light leaks and soft back lighting.

Commissioned photography.

Three designs for the prospectus cover.

Postgraduate recruitment

On top of the undergraduate recruitment, we were also asked to look at the postgraduate material. The brief required some visual similarities between the two campaigns, but messaging and method could be different.

Leaning on the cities reputation for being a bit different and sometimes a little anarchic, we presented a question vs reallity motif dividing the ordinary and the unexpected with a physical or digital tear.