The Triangle

Spring 2015
Research methods / Point of difference

The first assignment during my masters studies was to research the triangle. This three sided, three angled shape became the subject of around three months testing, exploring and experimenting to try and determine and own a 'point of difference' - something which is crucial when it comes to branding.

For the unit hand-in I decided to present my work as a series of postcards delievered in a box.

The hand-in box.

A brief research report accompanied the experiments.

The postcards in two stacks.

A total of 312 postcards were designed and printed.

Explanations of the experiments were listed on the reverse of each card.

Cards that were part of a series or related were perferated and folded. Here a set of two cards.

And here a set of three.

Over the course of my research I determined two facts about the triangle. Firstly, that is has direction - it can be used to point towards something or move away from something.

Secondly, I found out that triangles have an inate speed that is determined by their leading angle. Here I have illustrated (according to the futurists) a passive, a fast and a slow triangle.

The speed of an angle according to the futurists.

A series of triangles that get exponentially faster.

Thus if a triangle has speed and direction that means that all triangles have velocity.

This triangle has a high velocity.