Science Gallery London

August 2018

King's College London were in the process of refurbishing one of their buildings at Guy's Campus to be used as the London home for The Science Gallery; an ever changing exhibition space featuring works where 'art and science collide'. Atelier Works were asked to design the wayfinding for this new space.

The new gallery has three floors, these contain: a multi-use space, three dedicated gallery spaces, an auditorium, offices, a studio and a café / dining area as well as toilet and baby changing facilities.

The task involved liaising with the architects and the gallery team to determine how visitor will experience the space, come up with a strategy for where to locate the signs and with what information and the finally to design and liaise with installers.

As the gallery is a joint venture between King's and Science Gallery, both sets of brand guidelines had to be considered.

External lift tower graphics - designed to be visible from those exiting London Bridge station.

Due to conservation regulations no signage could be applied to the existing physical structure of the building, as a result all external signage is all vinyl graphics on glazing.

Entrance graphics.

The main circulation of the building revolved around two large staircases and a single lift. Our solution was to integrate directory and direction graphics that both highlight what level you are currently on and which direction a particular destination is. These graphics are applied directly to the gallery walls.

Directory (right) with a direction sign (left) guiding visitors upstairs.

A smaller version of the design was implemented on every floor of the smaller internal staircase

Detail of the screen printed application of the signs.

The facilities are all located using simple pictograms in order to reduce the visual clutter.

The main female / male toilets are located downstairs.

The accessible café toilets are located out of direct view.

In the few instances where destinations need to be directed to, it is done so with an arrow and the name applied above head hight on walls not meant for gallery use.

Destinations are marked out either by the name above the door, or by the name on the door. This is dependant on the importance of the rooms / door.

Directional graphic for the staff offices.

Destination confirmation above a door.

Destination confirmation on a door.