Tom Castle




Pet Portraits

November 2016

My girlfriend was moving into to her first house and had vowed to only put up paintings, pictures or wall art that were originals, one offs or that actually meant something to either of us; none of this off the shelf, generic stuff that you can buy from the standard high-street retailer.

Thus, she asked me to produce some very regal portraits of her pets. Using found images from Early Netherlandish era paintings and using a mis of newly shot and old photos of her pets, I created these:



The dog below, Fly, had passed away a couple of years prior and the best image available cropped off a large portion of his left side and ear, this all had to be reconstructed.


Lazer (my cat)

I even managed to do one of my cat, Lazer. Here she is doing her best Cersei Lanister impression.

More recently I was asked to my girlfriend's sister dog in a similar style as a Christmas present. Here is Daisy