Oxford Department of Biology

August 2021
Brand Identity

Commissioned by the University of Oxford, the task for Peloton was to develop a new brand for the created Department of Biology, an amalgamation of Plant Science and Zoology. The challenge was to create a unifying mark that celebrated the diversity and strengths of both departments.

The resulting logo received a prestigious Gold award in the Logo Design category of the 2022 Indigo Awards, recognizing its innovative design on an international scale.

The imagery was meticulously curated in collaboration with the Ashmolean Museum, complemented by commissioned illustrations from Rosemary Wise and Sandra Doyle.

We collaborated with a qualitative research agency to conduct comprehensive testing of the unified brand options during the development stage and before the official launch. The chosen design emerged strongly through the research, with participats commenting on how well the design visually encapsulating the coming together of the new department in an appealing and impactful manner.