More Than A Bar

December 2013
Promotional Campaign / Visual Identity

A common issue that plagues Students' Unions across the country is that their members think that they are just a bar, with the Students' Union being synominous for club music, has-been bands and cheap drinks.

I was tasked with designing a campaign to help tackle this problem. Thus the #BuckssuMoreThanABar campaign was born. The premise is simple - everytime someone tweets using the hashtag '#BuckssuMoreThanABar', 5p will be added to a pot. At the end of the campaign one tweet would be randomly selected and the owner win the entire sum.

The campaign was incredibly successful, gathering over 2,500 tweets, raising the profile of various facilities the Students' Union provided and boosting the Union from 75th in the country to 24th (as according to the National Student Survey.)

The logo and brand application.

A 5m long banner stood outside the Students' Union venue.

The Students' Union Twitter page got a complete makeover for the campaign.

For those not on social media, physical comment cards were made.

A6 Comment cards were also handed out.

The campaign aimed for high impact. Thus every poster for events that the Students' Union put on, whether it be a band or a fundraiser, wore the More Than A Bar banner.

The More Than A Bar footer on a poster for Newton Faulkner

To this day, More Than A Bar still runs every year and has even developed into some form of Bucks New University meme.