April 2018
Branding and Environmental Graphics

The first King's Transnational Law Summit (KTLS) took place in April 2018 at the newly refurbished Bush House. It is hosted by the Dickson Poon School of Law at King's College London.

The biennial summit, that focuses on justice in all forms - be that economic, humanitarian, social, legal, political or environmental.

Atelier Works was asked to look at the summit in three stages: firstly the identity; second, the marketing and communications; and thirdly, the event branding itself.

Being a part of King's, the identity of the summit had to fall under their visual brand guidelines, including fonts, colours and no departmental logos.

The mark uses the elements from the King's brand, however the treatment of those elements helps bring a unique and identifiable look to the conference.

Designed to be a fluid graphic the KTLS and the 18 element inhabit opposite ends of the red band, no matter how long or high the band is. On the occasions that conference name needs spelling out, a basic byline approach is adopted.

Along side the summits mark, we produced a number of lock-ups for the conference tag-line "Creating Justice for Our Future". These took the same graphic style as the main mark.

In order to add some reality to the early promotional material, we photoshopped the tag-line to a flag.

Once of the main events of the 4 day summit was the film competition. The promotional material we created for this combined film competition (camera) with justice (hand cuffs).

The screening and prize giving event required certificates to be designed and, as most of the entrants were international, as carry tube. For this we took the KTLS 18 mark and applied it in vinyl to red poster tube.

Promotional material

Certificate (and carry tube)

As part of the King's design roster we were also asked to consult on the design elements within the summit website and app.

Website design

App design

The first King's Transnational Law summit took place between the 10th and 13th April. In the run up to the event we worked with a specialised events management company to supply various graphics for lecterns, backdrops, display screens, environmental and wayfinding material.

These combined with digital assets such as presentation slides and delegate / staff apparel we managed to create a very strong, succinct identity for the summit.

The graphic mark was placed at head level so it was always visible in social media and event photography.

Conference directional signing that integrated with the existing wayfinding system.

Media backdrop for video interviews.

Other conference material such as mugs and tote bags were also designed.

An 'IAmsterdam' style sign was made to up the social media presence.