Juliets Vintage Teas

July 2014
Visual Identity

Juliet's Vintage Teas is a startup events company specialising in authentic tea parties for hen-dos, baby showers or birthdays.

The brief was very loose but it did state it has to be vintage whilst still being sustainable, eclectic without being messy and British but not cliched.

All the things it shouldn't be.

Initial research took me into the realms of vintage advertising, old-school tea parties and art-deco patterns. A couple of these things made it through to the end.

All the things it could be.

The biggest eureka moment was in the tea and cakes themselves: circles, everything is a circle.

From tea to teapots.

And crockery to cakes.

To extend the circle motif into the brand, a number of art deco inspired patterns were created. These help add texture and certain elegance.

To add a personal touch the decision to include Juliet's own hand writing was made. Her writing on the left and the neatened up digitised version on the right.

The circle theme continues with he flat version of the logo encased in a circle.

Art deco inspired, circle based patterns.

Juliet's origional hand writing on the left, logo version on the right.

The flat version of the logo.

To help bring the brand alive the logo, where applicable, is dynamic. The encasing circle is now replaced with a delicious cake, a cup of coffee or any other baking pariphanlia.

The logo mark being show in its dynamic states.

Mockup of what the Brands takeaway boxes could look like.