October 2017
Type Design

Juke started life as a logo I designed for a indie music club night at Bucks Students' Union, as from then I have been experimenting with the 3 shapes in a 2x2 grid trying to create legible letterforms.

A to Z

1 to 0

Once a basic character set was made, I expanded the project to include two other cuts that are designed to be used as decoractive layering devices; these were shadow and outline.




Due to the limitations I set myself of the 3 shapes in 2x2 square there are only a limited number of combinations available, and from that there's only particular combinations that work as a legible character.

As a result, only 1 case has been made, numerals, a small selection of punctuations marks, and a couple of special characters like £ and &.

Glyphs of the Solid typeface.

Glyphs of the Shadow typeface.

Glyphs of the Outline typeface.

Evidently, Juke isn't a body copy font. However, with its retro, geometric, funky vibe Juke is great for header text, typographic designs or logos.

Use tone to deliniate lines.

Different opacity effects produce interesting letter forms.

If you would like a copy of Juke, feel free to get in touch.