Glynn Vivian

October 2016
Type Restoration

I was asked to look at reviving a set of hand-lettering for the newly refurbished Glynn Vivian art gallery in the heart of Swansea. There were however a couple of issues: firstly, the only example of the hand-lettering was the word 'ROOM 5' and secondly, the time required to finish the type was only three days.

Room 1, 2, 3...

Library and Garden

Although not required to, I also explored a couple of alternative characters. The first being a more celtic style 'E'. The other one was a ligature 'LL' (a character unique in sounds in the Welsh language). However, both were deemed 'too fancy' for the final install.

The proposed alternative 'E' and 'LL'

The finished type was screen printed to both the clean white walls and the original wooden door frames.

Room 2

Garden Room i

Room 8

Room 10

The type was well received by the gallery staff, especially as the old style type, rendered in a modern way and then applied in a very precision form, leant itself well to the gallery which shows a range of classical and contemporary art.