Glownet - User Journeys

December 2018

Glownet, an events technology company were having difficulties clearly explaining how their product fitted in to their various client types and ultimately, the end user.

I was asked to design a series of illustrations in order to help solve the problem and additionally develop an illustration style that fitted with their new visual identity.

The first illustration was a scene for their main client type, festivals. This scene was for the front page of their website and is meant to be annotated.

Sponsors tent.

Food stalls.

Main stage.

VIP area.

Each different location that the technology slotted into (be that access control, payment or promotional opportunities) was drawn up as its own tile.

A selection of people created with segmented body parts.

Finished festival scene.

Glownet's marketing department also needed a number of simplified end-user journeys in order to explain how their technologies would look to their client's customers in a variety of circumstances; be that a festival, fun-fair or conference.

The customer journeys for the sales team.