MA Degree Show

December 2015
Curation, Project Managenent

After a very intense 10 months of the MA Branding course there was one thing left to do - the final exhibition. I volunteered to project manage the setup of the show with a team of 7 people organising.

The course consisted of 42 student, each with their own independent final major project. The team decided early on that we wanted to show the three separate elements of the project - the report book, the supporting visual research book and the project outcome (this could be anything from a video to an abstract sculpture.)

The space we exhibited in, known as the Well Gallery at LCC, consists of a walkway from the main entrance that over-looks a 10m x 14m room. A small room sat below the walkway - this was used to launch our publication.

The exhibition was to focus on the concept of branding as research process, looking at all the techniques available to us as designers to research a topic, techniques such as analysis, connotation and visulisation.

An inital mockup of the space. This once took an eclectic stance on the notion of process.
Projections were being considered at this point for text and video materials

On the train I thought about the idea of the narrative that runs through the exhibition. Initially we were dicussing this narrative representing the whole class. However if we turned it 90 degrees, it would consist of 42 separate narrative that could represent the overall class story.

Thus the concept of highlighting one individual research experiment from each student and giving them centre stage as it were in their own time. This manifested as a series of projections above respective research reports that were connected by some form of line and showed the experiment with some supporting text.

Mock for concept number 2. This time taking a more formulaic approach.
Digital work was to be shown on TV's in the middle of the space.

A revised mockup for the previous concept.

A short preview of the videos that highlighted the research experiments.

Overall the final show looked much like the mockups - only the lines, the shelves and the projects were altered due to technical reasons.

21 projects were shown on each side of the room.

The lines connected each persons research books to their final output.

The lines followed a grid and had strict style rules applied to them.

A lectern style shelf ran along two walls so the books could be read without having to pick them up.

The projections showing a selected piece of visual research.

A video of the final exhibition.