Create a Story

Spring - Winter 2017
Book Design

Create a Story is a interactive work book aimed at children between the ages of 7 and 11. The books set out to help kids develop their story writing skills, while educating them further in a particular topics. Each book focuses on a subject that is taught in the UK school curriculum in the key stage 2 level.

The first book released in the series was The Invasion of the Vikings.

The Invasion of the Vikings; cover

The Invasion of the Vikings; The Beginning

The Invasion of the Vikings; About the Vikings and Learning Activity

The Invasion of the Vikings; The Middle and The End

The B5 size book presents the various elements needed when writing a story; beginning, middle & end; protagonist & antagonist; and even self-reflection & revisions. The elements are laid out in easy to follow steps, fun activities to get them thinking and illustrations to help bring the subject to life.

After The Invasion of the Vikings, the next book releases was The Great Arctic Exploration.

The Great Arctic Exploration; cover

The Great Arctic Exploration; Trusted Pet and Lets Pack Your Bag

The Great Arctic Exploration; A Polar Bear's Migration

A number of the illustrations had to be precisely specified, often to work around set copy and activities. This involved sketching out ideas onto a copy of the spread and then sent to the illustrator along with source material.

Below are the two cover illustrations and my sketches that were sent as a part of the brief.

Tap for more Ihe Invasion of the Vikings cover brief and final design.

Tap for more Ihe Great Arctic Exploration cover brief and final design

Create a Story written and produced by Andrew Massingham. Website
Illustrations by Alexandr Nikiforov. Website