May 2022

Corrigan, an expanding accountancy firm based in Bristol, sought Peloton’s expertise to elevate their brand and identity in a market saturated with fierce competition.

With a well-earned reputation in the tech, start-up, and charity sectors, we strategically positioned Corrigan as 'enablers for the brightest organisations to support their communities.' The resulting bold identity we crafted seamlessly embodied this ethos.

In our commitment to enhancing brand identity and reinforcing the core message, we introduced a brand language for Corrigan that also centred around light—incorporating common idioms or words with dual meanings associated with brightness, light sources, or their synonyms.

To provide flexibility in their marketing, a suite of neon color gradients (pinks, blues, and greens) was currated for them. Accompanied by a diverse array of examples showcasing various applications, this versatile palette allows tailoring to suit specific messages to targeted audiences.


With the sectors the operate in being represented through the stylised photography, pictograms were employed to distinctly identify each of the services offered by Corrigan. These ranged from accountancy software solutions to risk assessments, international accounting to mergers and acquisitions, and from income tax to VAT.


The culmination of the brand work resulted in the creation of a new website for Corrigan. Recognising their substantial history and diverse client base, we designed their website to prominently feature case studies — an innovative approach seldom seen within the Accounting industry.