Bucks Students' Union

August 2013
Visual Identity

During the summer of 2013, Bucks Students' Union (the organisation I was working for) underwent an upheaval of their strategic three year plan. It was decided that along side this, a rebrand should occur.

The external agency heading up the rebrand delievered a set of values - inspiring, tenacious and dynamic and the basic elements of the visual identity - the logo, the colour pallette and the type choice.

The Brand elements delivered from the external agency: Logo, colour pallette and typeface.

The only job left to do was to create a fun, adaptable and representative identity system for the brand to live in.

The first concept was based from a simplification of the animal part of the logo. It is then either used as graphic, to align text, or in photography to represent the continued support of the Students’ Union in everything the students do.

An early concept for the identity using the inside of the logo as a motif.

Another concept, dubbed ‘twisted ribbons’, used a double sided ribbon motif that represented the multifaceted side of the organisation whilst still looking fun and a little playful.

Another early concept, this time taking the idea of twisted ribbons.

Both concepts were sidelined because they were deemed to be too abstract or not flexible enough to be used for a myriad of purposes. However, elements such as the angular shapes and the flat style were brought through to the final visual identity.

The vector icons are used to either portray an individual department and what they provide or en-mass to denote the general Union. They can be used in mixed colour, as a single colour or in white against a palette colour.

The icons arranged in full colour.

Or as white on a coloured background.

Or as one colour on a white background.

The other assets, the ‘quadrangles’, are four sided shaped with randomly set corners that can be used for highlightling or framing. They were designed as a complement to a University’s brand assets that consists of straight squares arranged in a uniform order.

'Quadrangles' were also employed as a design element for framing or highlighting.

The visual identity applied to the strategic plan, stationairy and as a wall paper.

The annual involvement guide front cover.

The inside of the involvement guide.