The Bucks Student

December 2013

In December 2013, the Bucks Student, the student led paper at Bucks New University, had reached a low point in terms of both readership and contributors; something had to be done to revive the dying publication.

Research and additional focus groups showed that people were put off by the often cluttered layout, the lack of relevance to their lives as a student and visible lack of students that were involved.

The design of the paper before the rebrand.

Edition 45 cover - the image relating to controversial cuts to the famed funiture course.

The first article using the new rebrand and focusing on a student success story.

Large images and poinient pull quotes now add richness to the articles.

The two typeface chosen for the rebrand were Quatie and Halis. Quatie was chosen for its air of authority while still having the ability to look fun and inviting.

Halis was chosen because we wanted a font that was versatile, professional and did not give any kind of previous impressions.

Red was chosen as the primary colour as it is the colour that the students associate most with the University.

Quatie and Halis were the only typefaces used.

The rebrand was a huge success, with all the papers being taken in the first couple of days, increased traffic to the online editions and more people wanting to get involved. In addition to this more contencious issues that were raised in the paper had more effect on getting the attention of senior staff and all in all helping towards bringing about change.

Written and visual humor were a large part of the rebrand.

A collection of front covers covering a range of University topics.

A new, contemporary layout for the 'Whats On' section.

With the success of the rebrand, it was decided to push into to a web based TV channel for the student-created content. The papers masthead has been adapted as such. Other elements of the identity are as the original.

The end of the intro ident for Bucks Student TV.