Bristol Zoo Project

Spring 2023

With a legacy spanning 188 years, the Bristol Zoological Society, the biggest name regionally for animal conservation, embarked on a transformative journey; introducing a fresh brand and name, the institution stood proudly as Bristol Zoo Project. The collaborative process between the Bristol Zoological Society and Peloton Design resulted in the creation of an identity that seamlessly embodied the institution's commitment to 'Saving Wildlife Together,' epitomizing a novel approach to moder day zoos with conservation at its heart.

Guiding the Bristol Zoological Society through a strategic positioning exercise, emphasis was placed on articulating the enthusiasm and optimism underpinning its ambitions to establish a groundbreaking conservation zoo.

The name Bristol Zoo Project, strategically placed emphasis on the word 'Zoo,' paying homage to the society's historical significance as the first institution to adopt the word. The carefully curated imagery, integrated across diverse mediums such as signage, printed materials, and campaign headlines for the relaunch, not only reflected the institution's progressive mission but also encapsulated the ongoing expedition that Bristol Zoo Project was undertaking.

Before and after.

Lead by a new set of brand guidelines and an accompanying toolkit, an identity was meticulously crafted, providing the Society and the Zoo with the flexibility to tailor campaigns, messaging, and sub-brands as needed. Whether championing its conservation efforts, communicating educational commitments, or inspiring visitors to join the charity in 'Saving Wildlife Together,' the devised identity remains adaptable.

The logo itself was created using tradition letterpress methods in the heart of Bristol on custom made wood type. The straightforward structure of the logo left room to bring the wordmark to life, incorporating elements such as an animal's eyes or tail, or a frog hiding in the water, for example.

Creative variations of the Logo

Bristol Zoological Society

The rebranding marks a dynamic shift for both the Zoo and the Society, creating a cohesive brand that mirrors a visionary mission to collaboratively shape a brighter future for the living world.

Gift shop
Around the Zoo

Three dimensional entrance sign mimicking woodblock lettering, designed to be as ecologically friendly as possible.